Abbreviation Quiz

May 26, 2016

1. What is the full form of ” RTS “  ?

a)Real Technology Streaming

b)Real Time Streaming

c)Real Time System

d)Real Technology System

e)None of these.


2. What is the full form of “CDMA” ?

a)Communication Division Multiple Access

b)Code Division Multiple Access

c)Communication Division Multimedia Access

d)Code Division Multimedia Access

e)None of these.


3. In Computer What is the full form of ”IP” ?

a)Internet Pool

b)Intelligent Protocol

c)Internet Process

d)Internet Protocol

e)None of these.


4. What is the full form of “AVI” ?

a)Audio Video Internet

b)Audio Video Interactive

c)Audio Video Inter

d)Audio Video Interleave

e)None of these.


5. In Internet What is the full form of ” HTTP “ ?

a)Hyper Text Transfer Pool

b)Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

c)High Technology Transfer Protocol

d)High Technology Transfer Pool

e)None of these.


6. What is the full form of “ USB” ?

a)Universal Serial Bus

b)Uniform Serial Bus

c)Universal Serial Boost

d)Ultra Serial Bus

e)None of these.


7. What is the full form of  ”SIS” ?

a)Symbian OS Installer program

b)System OS Installer File

c)Symbian OS Installer File

d)System OS Installer program

e)None of these.


8. What is the full form of “UMTS”  ?

a)Universal Mobile Telecommunication on System

b)Uniform Mobile Telecommunication on System

c)Uniform Multimedia Telecommunication on System

d)Universal Mobile Technology on System

e)None of these.


Answer :

1. Real Time System

2. Code Division Multiple Access

3. Internet Protocol

4. Audio Video Interleave

5. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

6. Universal Serial Bus

7. Symbian OS Installer File

8. Universal Mobile Telecommunication on System

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