Indian-American Ajit Pai is new FCC head

Indian-American Ajit Pai is new FCC head
January 24, 2017

Following the Jan. 20 inauguration of Donald Trump as the United States 45th president, the newly sworn-in leader and chief made quick work in designating Indian American senior GOP member of the Federal Communications Commission Ajit Pai as the commission chairman.
Pai is one of the two Republican commissioners on a five-member panel that regulates the country’s communications infrastructure, including TV, phone and internet service.
The Republicans’ FCC majority would help them roll back pro-consumer policies that upset many phone and cable industry groups, including net neutrality rules that bar internet service providers from favoring some websites and apps over others, according to an Associated Press report.
Pai opposed online privacy regulations that force broadband providers to ask consumers for permission before using their data, saying they are more onerous than the requirements for internet companies like Google and Facebook.
In addition to Pai, Trump has nominated two Indian Americans to high-level positions: Nikki Haley as the cabinet-level ambassador to the United Nations and Seema Verma as the head of the agency for government health insurance programs.

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