Tips to Crack English Section of IBPS PO Prelims

Dear Candidates,

‘Tips’ to attempt and crack individual sections of IBPS PO prelims – English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

This is one section that gets mixtures responses from candidates depending upon their educational background and composition level. For some, this is an very simple task but for others, this section becomes a difficult and biggest challenge to clear the sectional cutoffs. We had brought some detailed analysis for the English section for your perusal.

1. There are 30 mixed questions in the English Section of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO Prelims Exam with questions from sub section categories as follows:

Reading Comprehension
Cloze Test
Sentence Correction
Spot the error
Fill in the blanks
Sentence Re-arrangement

2. We repeat that if you have a good command on English then this should be the beginning section for Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO. You can finish it within 9-14 minutes.

3 . For those candidate, who feel that English is not their strength i.e. it is average, we would still advise that you should start your Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO exam with this section. Try to read mindful and avoid little mistakes. Remember to be more careful with sentence Rearrangement. If you are not too confident about a problem, it is better to leave it. If you attempt 18+ questions in this section with good correctness, you will be able to pass the sectional cut off without much difficulty. The maximum time spent on this section should be 15 minutes.

4. If you feel that your English is very poor, In this you should attempt it after the Quantitative and Reasoning sections. Try to solve as many questions with high accuracy in the mentioned sections as you can to clear total cutoff even if you less score in English. Its means it’s your weakest section, don’t save more than 15 minutes for this section. Aim to get 15+ questions right. Plan ahead to figure out which sections do you regularly score well in English . Based on our analysis, we suggest you to avoid sentence re-arrangement. Do these section first :
Cloze test, Fill in the blanks and Sentence Error Correction Question. Once you will done with them, attempt vocab questions from Reading Comprehension. This will help you to clear sectional cutoffs.

Topic Wise Tips

5. Reading Comprehension: It’s usually understood to read the paragraph first and then the questions in Reading Comprehension section. But on a computer screen and in a online examination,you can not underline the important information. Hence, in order to save time and increase accuracy, we suggest you have a uninterested look at the questions first and then go down the passage. This helps to secure that while reading the passage you absolutely know as to what is being to be asked, answer it correctly and move to the next question quickly. Now for the synonym/antonym and vocabulary questions of Reading Comprehension, first read the questions carefully and then find the sentence in which the word is present and read it once. Then, It is your preference and trust your inspiration to answer the question i.e. the first choice that assist up and come in your mind is the most accurate answer.

6. Cloze Test: One paragraph with numbered blanks. These questions are very accessible and assist you better for your performance. If you are confused between two or more options, then leave blank and move onto the next question, try it and come back to the question where you are leave blank. You will now have a better idea about the appropriate choice.

7. Fill in the blanks: Go with the elimination rule or leave which one you not known and you can easily solve this section by reject the options and getting them down to 50-50 choice. Again, believe your talent and confidence for choosing the answer between the two options.

8. Spot the error/sentence Correction: discarded the options by reading & screening the sentence and asking yourself “Does this sound rights ?”

What to do in last Week for improving score in English section ?

9. Pick up an e-book, newspaper, magazine or journal which is just
above your current level of reading. Keep a dictionary with you every time. Spend around more than half an hour for this activity. Not only this you will able to improve your English speaking skills, This will also assist to increase your reading speed which comes in very close in your mind while attempting any competition exam, especially in Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO where your race is adjacent time. Quick or fast reading speed can make a analytical difference in clearing the cutoff in the English section since it helps you to read more questions in limited time. Besides the above acknowledgment benefits, reading the newspaper unusually improves your general knowledge. Try reading most of the things on a computer, laptop, tablet screen. This will help you to make your eyes and body familiar to a computer screen where you have to take the exam completely. The above activity will help you in all the topics or sections especially in Reading Comprehension .

10. Listen to speeches or watch movies and/or documentaries with subtitles :
This help you to increases your knowledge of spoken English and comes in handy while attempting sentence completion and Sentence Re-arrangement. Do it for 30 minutes daily.

11. Talk to people in English. You may feel sluggish and shy at first and will make lots of mistakes but you will soon discover that with more talking, your assurance as well as your sharpness is increasing. This increased confidence will help build up the trust in your intuition and save you important minutes while attempting the English section of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) PO Prelim exam.

So folks, these were the tips for preparing the English Section of IBPS PO Prelim. For Tips on Reasoning and Quantitative Sections keep confirm our bulletin. We will publish them soon.

We agree that we capability have been incapable to cover all your queries in the above tips, so feel free to shoot your questions in the comments section below and we will be more than glad to answer them! Share these tips with your friends and get their good wishes! All the best. God Bless you.